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About Us

Manufacturing & Production Services (MPS) was incorporated in 1964 and has been producing top quality disabled driving aids for over 40 years.  Over the years MPS has designed and manufactured numerous driving aids including, right angle, push/pull & push/rock hand controls, left foot accelerators, steering devices, parking brake extensions, and gas & brake guards. Our team takes pride in innovative designs and superior workmanship.

On February 15, 2017, MPS entered a partnership with Guidosimplex of Italy and is now the sole distributor of Guidosimplex products in the United States and Canada. Guidosimplex was founded 60 years ago and its products are used in 35 countries and are recognized worldwide as a benchmark in design and manufacturing quality. MPS has long prided itself on excellent dealer support and customer service, which is in perfect alignment with Guidosimplex’s goals. MPS is offering a selection of Guidosimplex products including, but not limited to, the Over-Ring Accelerator, the Ghost Under-Ring Accelerator, the Stationary Floor Mounted Brake/Accelerator, and several Multi-Function Steering Devices. Additionally, the MPS line of mechanical hand controls including the popular Monarch Mark 1-A will soon be available in electronic versions incorporating outstanding Guidosimplex technology.


The wide variety of mechanical and electronic driving aids offered by MPS & Guidosimplex provide countless possibilities for disabled drivers to get back on the road with safety and style.



Michael McGowen



Michelle McGowen

Marketing and Promotions


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Carly Bell

Office Manager


Jerry Tucker

National Service Manager

Guidosimplex Products

Meet our Team


David Ferris

Product Design and Development / Machinist

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Casey McGowen

Machine Shop Technician

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Rob Sieck

Shipping Manager

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Dave Castro

Welder / Fabricator

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Bob Frankenberg

Product Assembly Manager

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Wayne Schmidt

Retired Machinist

We thank you Wayne for 40 years of exceptional service!

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Dean Tompkins

We thank you Dean for 30 years of dedication to MPS and the mobility industry.

MPS Hall of Fame

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