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Electronic Accelerator & Mechanical Brake Hand Controls video shared by AMS Vans

AMS Vans

Published on Mar 15, 2017


On this cold March day, Dan demonstrates the hot, new, finished-in-Italian-leather way to drive with hand controls -- the GT2 from Guidosimplex! The GT2 is a floor-mounted electronic accelerator & mechanical brake that can be used in almost any type of car. Its electric "ON/OFF" dashboard button and right-side location means whether the driver has a disability or is able-bodied, transferring in and out of your vehicle will be unobstructed. Your original steering wheel functions (such as tilt) remain intact! And a unique safety feature prevents gas and brake from being used at the same time. Plus, you'll have the exclusive "50% Switch" (available on every Guidosimplex electronic accelerator)! This switch allows you to "turn down" or "gear down" the sensitivity of your accelerator. You'll be able to ease the gas more precisely and slowly, when needed -- like driving in traffic, or pulling into and out of parking spaces. Please click or call to find out more about this and other mobility equipment from AMS Vans! SALES: 800-775-8267 EQUIPMENT: 866-951-8267

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