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Manufacturing & Production Services Corporation (MPS) Granted Exclusive Distribution Rights for

Manufacturing & Production Services Corporation (MPS) announced on February 15, 2017 that it has entered a partnership with Guidosimplex of Italy and is now the sole distributor of Guidosimplex products in the United States and Canada.

Guidosimplex was founded 60 years ago by Otello Venturini, who had a passion for developing driving devices for people with reduced mobility. Guidosimplex products are now used in 35 countries and are recognized worldwide as a benchmark in design and manufacturing quality. Otello Venturini’s son and company CEO, Stefano Venturini said:

“Our goal is to enable agents and end users to succeed worldwide. We believe that sharing knowledge is important as is the ability to understand and help those with different requirements. We endeavor to create the perfect solution for individual needs. Every project is unique, just like the end user.”

MPS has long prided itself on superior dealer support and customer service, which is in perfect alignment with Guidosimplex’s goals. MPS is offering a selection of Guidosimplex products, including the Over-Ring Accelerator, the Ghost Under-Ring Accelerator, the Stationary Floor Mounted Accelerator, and several Multi-Function Steering Devices, to name a few. Additionally the MPS line of quality mechanical controls, including the Monarch Mark 1-A, will soon be available in electronic versions incorporating outstanding Guidosimplex technology.

For more information, visit to locate a dealer near you, or call them direct at 800-243-4051.

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