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Gas & Brake Hand Controls for Adaptive Driving

Guidosimplex hand controls for cars include "all-in-one" systems that allow you to control both the Accelerator and the Brake in a single lever. For your accelerator, choose either an Electronic or Mechanical accelerator. Choose from a selection of mechanical or hydraulic Brake systems.
Gas & Brake Systems
Rocking Style Concept.JPG
Electronic accelerator and mechanical brake

Floor-mounted lever, right of driver's seat, in just about any car. Controls accelerator and brake with one lever.

Concept Lever
TSL (The Safe Lever)
Electronic accelerator and mechanical brake

Unique Floor-Mounted Lever with Trigger operated Electronic Acceleration and Mechanical Braking.

Oceania Lever (Modena)
Electronic accelerator and mechanical brake

All in one accelerator and brake on a long-arm lever. Mounts on steering column, left or right.

Stationary floor-mounted gas and brake

Revolutionary single lever looks like a gearshift -- and only the handgrip portion moves. Nothing to rub against your leg. All controls inside a sleek console

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