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Oceania Lever (Modena)

Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake
Oceania Lever (Modena)

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Oceania Lever (Modena Hand Control) Electronic Accelerator & Mechanical Brake

What it is:  All-in-one electronic accelerator and mechanical brake lever.

How it works: Rotate the end of the lever down to accelerate, push to brake.

Where it’s located: Mounted right side or left side on steering column.

The Guidosimplex "simple driving" difference: Brake rod is mounted under the steering wheel, minimizing the way of getting in and out of the driver’s seat. And our unique safety feature prevents gas and brake from being operated at the same time.

PLUS: You'll have the 50% switch -- an exclusive feature on every Guidosimplex electronic accelerator. The 50% switch allows you to "turn down" or "gear down" the sensitivity of your accelerator. That means:

You'll be able to ease the gas more precisely and slowly, when just a little gas is needed -- like driving in traffic, or pulling into and out of parking spaces.

Customize Your Hand Controls with these Guidosimplex Products

Choose from steering knobs or pin grips for your ability.

Add a secondary controller to operate horn, lights, turn signals, and wipers from a keypad on your steering wheel.

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