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Long Arm Brake Lever

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907FV Mechanical Brake Lever

Revolutionary new generation of brake levers! 

What it is: Long Arm Brake Lever with 2 buttons. Soft touch finish.

How it works: Ergonomically designed to respond to a forward touch, just as a foot pedal would. Two optional top buttons activate the horn and brake lock.

Where it’s located: The 907FV brake lever mounts directly to your steering column, installing on the right-hand of the wheel. It looks similar to a steering wheel-mounted gearshift. Rods to the brake pedal follow the contour of the console.

The Guidosimplex "simple driving" difference:

  • The 907FV will not rub or hit the legs of the driver.

  • Ideally designed not to impede the driver getting into or out of the vehicle.

  • Made entirely of aluminum and coated with embossed rubber, to integrate with your vehicle's interior styling.


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This brake system may be combined with these ring accelerators:

Accelerators​  906ELC​, 916R Ghost,  916GV, or Over-Ring


This brake system may be combined with these clutches:


Clutches  932 Syncro Drive or Duck Clutch Lever

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