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Electronic over-ring accelerator

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 Electronic Over-Ring Accelerator





What it is: Electronic accelerator ring mounted on top of your steering wheel. Finished in stylish black Italian leather. Can be fitted to most vehicles.

How it works: Push on any point of the ring to accelerate. Acceleration is automatically cut whenever hard braking happens. The original functionality of the airbag is retained.

Where it’s located: On top of your existing steering wheel.

The Guidosimplex "simple driving" difference: Welcome to both-hands-on-the-wheel acceleration! This revolutionary Over-Ring Accelerator is a Guidosimplex exclusive. Just one more advancement in adaptive driving that makes driving easier for the driver – while blending in with your car’s interior. Interfaces directly with your vehicle’s existing systems.

Unique safety feature cuts gas under hard braking.

PLUS:  You'll have the 50% switch -- an exclusive feature on every Guidosimplex electronic accelerator. The 50% switch allows you to "turn down" or "gear down" the sensitivity of your accelerator. That means:

  • You'll be able to ease the gas more precisely and slowly, when just a little gas is needed -- like driving in traffic, or pulling into and out of parking spaces.



  • Quick Release option allows the Over-Ring Accelerator to be removed by pushing a button. Acceleration will not occur unless the Over-Ring Accelerator is correctly re-mounted.

  • Choose electro-mechanical or completely electronic accelerator.


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