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907P EVO

Floor-mounted right brake lever
907P EVO

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907P EVO Brake Hand Control

What it is: Floor mounted mechanical brake lever encased in a stylish case. The case is stationary, preventing the lever from rubbing against your legs.


How it works: Push to brake.


Where it’s located: Floor mount, right side.


The Guidosimplex "simple driving" difference:

  • The case protects your legs from the lever.The brake lever is encased to fit in with the look of your car's interior.

  • This brake will not interfere with your normal steering wheel adjustment functions (move up and down, tilt, etc.)

  • Nothing to interfere with getting in an out. All drivers can easily use the same vehicle.


Customize Your Hand Controls with these Guidosimplex Products


This brake system may be combined with these ring accelerators:

Accelerators​  906ELC​, 916R Ghost,  916GV, or Over-Ring


This brake system may be combined with these clutches:


Clutches  932 Syncro Drive or Duck Clutch Lever

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