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932 Syncro Drive

Electronic Automatic Infrared Clutch
932 Syncro Drive

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932 Syncro Infrared Fully Automatic Clutch

What it is:  Infrared-activated electronic automatic clutch lets you make a hand-only gear change in a manual vehicle.


How it works:   Infrared sensor on your gear knob detects when your hand is changing gears, and depresses the clutch for you!  Computer-controlled system reads your vehicle’s RPM, speed, braking, and acceleration to prevent stalling.


Where it’s located:  Sensor on your existing hand-operated gearshift.


The Guidosimplex “simple driving” difference: Minimal modifications are needed to your vehicle’s original parts.  And your vehicle can be driven conventionally by other drivers.


Customize Your Hand Controls with these Guidosimplex Products


This clutch may be combined with these ring accelerators:

Accelerators​  906ELC​, 916R Ghost,  916GV, or GTS Accelerator Ring


This clutch may be combined with these brake systems:


Brakes  907FV, 907P, 907SX or 907P-EVO

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